Worship Ministry

Circle of Ministry

Philosophy of Worship Ministry


All true worship begins and end with God Himself. Our worship of God is a response to the revelation of His glory.  Our worship is sought by the Father, made possible by the Son, and directed by the Holy Spirit.


God has revealed Himself to us, by divine revelation, through His Word. Our worship is informed, shaped, and guided by the truth of Scripture.  Genuine worship, directed by Scripture, is both cerebral and visceral.


By sound exegesis of Scripture we derive what we know to be true of God. God, being infinite, has revealed to us precisely what He intends us to know about Himself; and, because He is infinite we will spend eternity learning about Him.

Theology of Worship

By applying the truth of Scripture, and a specific application of our Theology, we see that God has ordained why and how He is to be worshiped. He has left nothing to our own speculation or devices.


From a sound Theology of Worship we develop our specific methodology of worship. As has been said, we are to READ the Word, PREACH the Word, PRAY the Word, and SING the Word.

Worship in Practice

This is worship in practice, directed to our Triune God. As the gathered body of Christ, we offer worship that is honoring to God and edifying to us.